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  CultureKids is offered to students ages three and four who are enrolled in Butterfly Kisses Childcare. CultureKids program runs once a week for eight consecutive weeks during the fall, winter and spring months. All of the CultureKids programs are academic based and offer unique and innovative curriculums. The lesson plans utilize diverse teaching methods to include games and interactive activities for introducing basic Spanish vocabulary.
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CultureKids Mission

• To introduce students to the Spanish language at an early age capturing the developmental ability within the students to absorb the language rather than
translate it.

• To work with students early within their developmental growth when they are at
a stage with the ability to manipulate their tongues in order to formulate different sounds. This tongue manipulation enables the students to learn how to properly articulate the foreign language sounds.

  • To develop and foster an interest and love of the Spanish language and culture. Knowing that Spanish is emerging as the second language in the U.S., early exposure to the language builds confidence within each student. Those having completed the program are armed with a Spanish foundation vocabulary base when they begin the language within their own school.

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